Christina Pabers Biography

Christina Pabers PhD, MA TCM, L.Ac has served in the field of health and fitness for over 19 years. She completed her PhD in Classical Oriental Medicine at American University of Complimentary Medicine, her four year Master’s Degree in Traditional Chinese Medicine at Yo San University and her Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology at California State Northridge University.  She teaches on areas of anatomy/physiology, neurology, meridian physiology and Chinese medical philosophy for the Naam Yoga teacher training certification programs. Christina is also senior staff member for the Naam Yoga Teacher certification Program and Harmonyum Energy Healing Certification Program. She is a long time student of Dr. Joseph Michael Levry, PhD, Metaphysician and founder of Naam Yoga and the Harmonyum Healing System. She lectures on a variety of health, yoga, meditation and herbal medicine topics in New York, Mexico, Germany, Prague, Switzerland and California. She owns and runs a medical clinic called Harmonyum Healing Center in Camarillo, California where she serves as a doctor of Oriental Medicine.  With a passion for empowering her clients, she draws upon her vast knowledge of herbs, nutrition, acupuncture, and fitness to coach and treat her clients toward well-being. She specializes in weight loss, cancer, hormone balance, pain and stress.