Complete healing is possible when consciousness and a neutralization of the

original pattern have been achieved. According to Dr. Levry, founder of

Harmonyum, stored emotional wounds behave like invisible subconscious

magnets that continuously attract similar situations in an effort to recreate the

necessary circumstances to allow for complete healing. Until the patterns that

caused the ailment have been neutralized, the Body of Pain-Magnet will be

active. Harmonyum treatments encourage the mind and body to become

extremely conscious of the patterns that need attention so that the individual

 can more thoroughly neutralize it. There are many ways in which this can

occur and this process is called a “Healing Crisis”. A healing crisis expresses

itself when the individual has undergone a therapy. This can be herbal,

nutritional, exercise, yogic, massage or acupuncture. What sets Harmonyum

apart is that its goal is to not only bring about the release of sublimated

ailments but to also promote the body’s self-healing mechanism to fully

address the issue. The human body is brilliantly designed. Its capacity for

self-healing and self-preservation comes from a complex and multi-

dimensional mind-body system. Most of all, however, it is born out of a place

within the heart where self-love abides. It is also the source within each

human being where a little understood and vast intelligence guides the

intricate workings of our body and brain. According to the teachings of Divine

Spiritual Wisdom, a body of knowledge of universal laws that has been shared

throughout generations since Ancient Egypt, self-healing is the only permanent source of healing; it is the only true cure. 

The Harmonyum Healing System is an applied energetic therapy that addresses health from the level of self-healing and restoration.Practitioners of this therapy address ailments from the perspective of empowering the body’s self-healing mechanism to fully restore health challenges that have been long standing and previously impossible to fully resolve. In order to more fully understand the healing mechanism of Harmonyum, this article will delve into what defines human ailments, how the body and mind heals and what blocks full healing from taking place. 

While Harmonyum is focused on general health and well being, there are particular regions of the body that are targeted during the therapy. The cranial nerves, spine, heart, mid brain, organs and bones receive particular attention. The parasympathetic nervous system is targeted as it is considered, in Divine Spiritual Wisdom, to be an access point for the self-healing mechanism. It is the aspect of the autonomic nervous system that allows one to relax, regenerate the body, better absorb nutrients during digestion, bring increased blood flow to the reproductive system, reduce the blood pressure, stimulates flow of saliva, relax the eyes and increase peristalsis in the intestines.  Additionally, those with exhausted adrenal glands benefit from strengthening the parasympathetic nervous system. 

                                                                                            The Harmonyum Healing System is used to promote healing of any kind on the                                                                                                       mind, emotions and body. Because it is designed to empower the self healing                                                                                                         mechanism, it is also an excellent adjunctive therapy, playing the role of improving                                                                                                 the individual's response to other corrective therapies. It is performed fully clothed                                                                                               and generally promotes a deeply relaxed state during the treatment. 

                                                                                            Harmonyum Christina Pabers has been practicing the Harmonyum Healing System                                                                                                 since 1998. She learned directly from the founder Dr. Joseph Michael Levry and is

part of the Harmonyum Healing System Certification Staff. She and this team teach the system in the US, Mexico, Germany, Switzerland and Czech Republic. 

Harmonyum is an energetic healing system that works with the acupuncture meridians.  This profound work moves through progressively deeper layers instilling a self-regulating, self-regenerating effect on the entire body. The central meridians feed the brain, organs, nervous system and limbs. The Harmonyum Healing System is also designed to help the release of stored physical pain held within the muscle memory and toxins stored in the recesses of the body. Those deep layers are stored as energetic patterns that manifest in hormone and pain patterns, addictions, state of mind, inflammation and the behavior of the immune system.  These are the factors that lead to common health and emotional complaints that ultimately drive people to seek help. Harmonyum works at what is known as the 'Causative Level'. Most of the worlds health care systems work at the level of 'Effect'. The more causative the therapy, the more enlightened the individual becomes, and the closer the person is to a permanent solution to their challenges. Healing is the process of self realization and addressing problems at the level of the cause.